Hello... Is There Anybody There by Ian Hornby

4-5 July 2008

Welcome to the country seat of Sir Malcolm Squire and Lady Amelia Simpson-Squire. The country manor in which they live is situated in an isolated position on the moors. All is dull and peaceful until the hapless Vic Tim is murdered. But who did it? And how can the cast stop the body making such an untidy mess on the stage? And why does the detective look like the victim? And is the prompt as innocent as she looks? A classic British farce with all the right ingredients.


Lady Amelia Simpson-Squire Amanda Ayres
Sir Malcolm Squire Frank Hunter
Freddy Lions Jonathan Staples
Smalls Paul Smith
Mabel Anne Marshall
Dianne Sides Helena Boughton
Vic/DC Fickey Chris Raby
WPC Nunnall Val Sincock
Miss Marbles Peggie Clarke
Director Jonathan Carpenter
Sound Jonathan Staples
Chris Cockrell
Lighting John Maleham
Costume & Props Jenni Liversidge
Prompt Jessica Smith
Promotion Tom Pomeroy 
Helena Boughton
Refreshments Jill Jones

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