Cinderella adapted from an original script by Tom Whalley

7-8 February 2018

After a gap of 17 years we have recreated Cinderella with an up-to-date script (well sort of). It's the classic tale of Cinders, but with a slightly more modern twist as Cinderella tries to get to the Frozen Forest Festival (the Frozen Forest Festival?) to meet the man of her dreams while her Ugly Stepsisters try to thwart her at every turn. The Fairy Godmother is kind and well meaning but more than a touch incompetent and the magical coach just has to be seen to be believed. But in the end true love conquers all and, with a twist, even the Baroness's evil cat Muffin finds redemption with the love of her youth. The plot might have more holes in it than a Swiss cheese but with classic audience participation, belting songs and dances, and some very dodgy gags, this is a true crowd pleaser. And while the plot might have been updated, the costumes certainly weren't; some of the frocks from the 2003 production made a welcome reappearance - they're older than most of the cast! Oh yes they are!

One reviewer said: "Great show! No-one could possible complain that the ugly sisters weren’t ugly enough!"



Hannah Fowles
Prince Charming Ella Palmer
Dandini Phoebe Elcoat
Baroness Griselda Kathryn Oliver
Baron Hardup Lucy Galsworthy
Bella Andrew Kirkpatrick
Stella Paul Smith
Buttons Frank Hunter
Fairy Godmother Sara Pickering
Muffin Peggie Clarke
Major Domo/Fleabag David Riecken
Dancers and Villagers
Carly Harding
Hattie Radcliffe
Hermione Radcliffe
Lydia Scyrme
Emily Rampling
Director Kathryn Oliver
Choreography Debra Bryan
Sounds Jonathan Staples
Stage Manager Trevor Field
Lighting David Clarke
John Maleham
Trevor Field
Set Design Klara Daw
Prompt Jenni Liversidge
Set David Clarke
Costumes & Props Jenni Liversidge
Poster/flyer Becci Maris
Front of House  Jenni Liversidge
Bar Rachel Smith

Dandini and the Prince
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