Death At The Tenth By Archie Wilson

15 April 2011 (Lois Weedon)

21 April 2011 (Buckingham Golf Club)

28 October 2011 (The Old Barn Restaurant)

What could be more respectable than the Primrose Hill Golf Club? But under the surface there are tensions afoot. the greenkeeper, Herbert Gloom, has been compiling dossiers on all the committee and someone has a grudge against him too. The annual general meeting and dinner provide the perfect opportunity for murder!


Herbert Gloom David Riecken
Major Winstanton Bromley John Plunkett
Lady Dorothy Winstanton Bromley Anne Marshall
Damien Francis Andrew Kirkpatrick
Anita Throckmorton Sara Pickering
Sheila Sotterley Val Sincock
Doris Gloom Peggie Clarke
Rodger Rodgers Frank Hunter
DCI Sherbert Holmes Paul Smith
Director Jonathan Carpenter
Continuity Jenni Liversidge