Dick Whittington And His Cat

February 2001

Dick Whittington, a local country boy, decides to try his luck in London but arrives penniless, hungry and, until he finds Tommy the cat, without a friend in the world. But then he meets Alice, the daughter of Alderman Fitzwarren, and a fairy tale romance is on the cards.


Fairy Bow-Bells Amy Jones
King Rat Lin Buchanan
Alderman Fitzwarren Darren Shorrocks
Idle Jack Paul Smith
Sarah the Cook Frank Hunter
Dick Whittington Charlotte Hunter
Tommy the Cat Erin Hearty
Captain Port David Riecken
First Mate Starboard Peggie Clarke
Alice Fitzwarren Jessica Smith
Cannibal Keith Earnshaw
Sultana Bunn, Ruler of Morocco Jane Pomeroy
Zubediah, her Favourite Slave Keith Earnshaw
Emily Webb (leader) Andrea Barrett
Ellen Edmondson Lauren Edmondson
Joseph Hearty Alice Hillman
Charlie Hillman Lucy Webb
Director Jonathan Carpenter
Piano Janet Pearce
Music Liz Cockrell
Linda Riecken
Choreography Celia Edmondson
Scenery  Sara Wilde
Karen Price
Stage Construction led by John Maleham
Costumes Jenni Liversidge
Lighting John Maleham
Matt Gregory
James Smith
Sound Charlie Cockrell
Make Up Gail Gee
Jane Pomeroy
Prompt Jenni Liversidge
Props Evelyn Rist
Tony Rist
Front of House Tom Pomeroy
Jill Jones

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