Dracula The Panto by David Williams

4-5 February 2011

Dracula, disguised as the property tycoon Major Artery, is roaming the locality of Lois Weedon in search of the clues to a fortune. Accompanied by his sidekick Dr Paul Bearer he is bumping off the local villagers. Until, that is, a certain Buffy van Helsing steps into the fray. Buffy the slayer of vampires? Soon Inspector Ventricle will be pursuing the vampire in what might be his toughest case yet, on a trail that leads straight to the Count's castle in Transylvania....


Dame Plasma van Helsing Frank Hunter
Buffy van Helsing Helena Boughton
Rema Globin Ellie Jones
Dr Paul Bearer Paul Smith
Major Artery/Dracula David Riecken
Fred Corpuscle Sara Pickering
Inspector Ventricle Andrew Kirkpatrick
PC Platelet
Morris van Helsing John Plunkett
The Invisible Man/Marquis de Sad Peggie Clarke
Buster Bloodvessel Peggie Clarke
Street Vendor  
Director Jonathan Carpenter
Choreography Alex Riley
Lighting John Maleham and Chris Cockrell
Sound Chris Raby
Prompt Jenni Liversidge

Fred (Sara Pickering), Buffy (Helena Boughton)
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