Fairway To Heaven by Diana Raffle

15-16 July 2011

Terry is in danger of losing his job and his marriage. And when he accidentally smashes a valuable Mexican artefact that his wife is counting on to save her own career, things look as bad as they can possibly be. So he hatches a plan to break in to his own house to save his marriage. But he hasn't reckoned on a vicars and tarts party, real burglars, a stripping policewoman, and a murder mystery all on the same evening. Cue all the ingredients of a classic British farce....


Cheryl Slater Rees Amanda Ayres
Lady Jemima Fotheringham Val Sincock
Terry Slater Rees Andrew Kirkpatrick
Bob Chris Raby
Euphemia Crump Jessica Smith
Grace Peggy Clarke
Maria Helena Boughton
Albert Frank Hunter
Burglar 1 Paul Smith
Burglar 2 John Plunkett
Director Jonathan Carpenter
Sound Sara Pickering
Lighting John Maleham
Prompt Jenni Liversidge

Cheryl (Amanda Ayres), Trevor (Andrew Kirkpatrick), Jemima (Val Sincock)
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