Ghost Train by Arnold Ridley

26-27 June 2009

The action of the play takes place in the small waiting room at Fal Vale, a wayside station on the South Cornwall Joint Railway. The year is 1925...


Saul Hodgkin Frank Hunter
Richard Winthrop Paul Smith
Elsie Winthrop Val Sincock
Charles Murdoch Alan Gundle
Peggie Murdoch Ellie Jones
Miss Bourne Peggie Clarke
Teddy Deakin Jonathan Staples
Julia Price Amanda Ayres
Agatha Price Anne Marshall
John Sterling Chris Raby
Jackson David Riecken
Director Lin Buchanan
Producer Jonathan Carpenter
Sound Jonathan Staples & Chris Cockrell
Lighting John Maleham
Set David Clarke & John Maleham
Prompt & Costume Jenni Liversidg

The cast of Ghost Train on set