Something to Hide by Leslie Sands

3-4 October 2014

Howard Holt's house in the country is the setting for this classic thriller. Holt, a writer, lives there with Julie, his mistress, during the week while his wife visits him at weekends. Holt is blissfully unaware that his wife knows about this arrangement. But one weekend his wife has an accident: she knocks down and kills a woman, young Julie, in the driveway. Holt agrees to help his wife dispose of the body and that's where the plot starts to thicken.   Enter Inspector Davies, the gullible policeman looking for the missing Julie. Cue a series of strange and sinister events including blackmail. Things start to go awry for the Holts, especially when the inspector doesn't seem to be as gullible as they first thought.





Howard Holt Chris Raby
Julie Grant Val Sincock
Karen Holt Kathryn Daw 
Inspector Davies Frank Hunter
Mr Purdie Paul Smith
Stella Anne Marshall
Miss Cunningham Peggie Clarke
Director Jonathan Carpenter
Stage Manager Jonathan Carpenter
Assistant Stage Manager David Clarke
Sound Jonathan Staples
Lights John Maleham
Prompt Jenni Liversidge
Set Design Jenna & Nigel Cartwright
Set Construction David Clarke
John Maleham
Costumes Jenni Liversidge
Props Carol King
Terry Tyler
Make Up / Hair Judith Robbins
Front of House Tom Pomeroy
Jill Jones


Miss Cunningham (Peggie Clarke)
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