Holiday Snap by Michael Pertwee and John Chapman

25-27 September 2003

Portugal. Share-a-Lux's most prestigious apartment. Leslie and Eve have booked it for the holiday of a lifetime. So have Henry and Mary. Commander Chittenden, Share-a-Lux's man on the spot is faced with a bit of a dilemma to sort out. But is he up to it, or sober enough for that matter? And when Henry's mother-in-law arrives, things go from bad to worse for him when it transpires he's not actually married to Mary.


Commander Chittenden Frank Hunter
Leslie Jonathan Staples
Eve Anna Murby
Henry Paul Smith
Mary Anne Marshall
Celia Peggie Clarke
Perky Phil Drage
Kit Carol King
Director Jonathan Carpenter
Set John Maleham
David Clarke
Costume and Props

Jenni Liversidge

Lighting and Sound John Maleham
Jonathan Carpenter
Prompt Jenni Liversidge
Front of House Amy Jones
Emily Webb
Jill Jones

Eve (Anna Murby), Leslie (Jonathan Staples), Commander Chittenden (Frank Hunter)
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