Old Mother Hubbard adapted from an original script by Tony Nicholls

7-8 February 2014

Old Mother Hubbard

Went to the Cupboard

To get the poor doggie a bone

But when she got there

The cupboard was bare

And so the poor doggie had none.

In the traditional nursery rhyme Old Mother Hubbard was Cardinal Wolsey, a statesman and senior figure in the Catholic church in the reign of King Henry VIII. Henry himself was the doggie, while the bone which Wolsey sought was a divorce for Henry from his then wife Katharine of Aragon. But the Church (the cupboard) refused the request leading ultimately to the split with Rome and the demise of Old Mother Hubbard, Wolsey himself, while Henry's divorce was subsequently arranged by Thomas Cramner.

So a deep and meaningful insight into Tudor England, and a contemporary satire on the relations between the monarch and the church. Which has absolutely nothing to do with our presentation which sees Old Mother Hubbard crossing swords with the witch Hepzibah and her sidekick cat, Astrophe. Literature it ain't, but with a cast of the usual pantomime heroes and villains there's plenty for ther family to boo, hiss and cheer at.

Hepzibah Anne Marshall
Astrophe Kathryn Daw
Old Mother Hubbard Paul Smith
Polly Paulene Highley
Woolly Chris Raby
Dick Alex Hamblin
Duke Ferdinand Frank Hunter
Ruff Georgie Hamblin
Scruff Charlotte Limb
Clarissa Jane Pomeroy
Sybil Peggie Clarke
HP Rosie Pinder
Lorien Jamie McCombe
Leonardo Lily Searle
Faustus Skip Snelson
Queen Mavis Peggie Clarke
Little Witch Barbie Lara Highley
MC David Riecken
Nursery Rhyme
Witches & Mooklings
Connie Gray Florence Gundle
Jeremy Gundle Isabel Harrington
Josie Highley Lara Highley
Elysia Lay Natalie Middleton
Isabele Mullavey Gabriel Osborne
Ella Palmer Gabriella Perez
Lily Searle TJ Searle
Florence Sheppard Skip Snelson
Alice Steuart-Fielding Emily Wilde

Stage Manager Jonathan Carpenter
Assistant Stage Manager David Riecken
Musical Director Alex Riley
Choreography Joanna Cartwright
Alex Riley
Children's Coach David Riecken
Sounds Jonathan Staples
Laura Limb
Lighting John Maleham
Chris Cockrell
Prompt Jenni Liversidge
Set Design Sara Wilde
Set Construction David Clarke
Costumes Jenni Liversidge
Children's Costumes Linda Ayres
Props Val Sincock
Jenni Liversidge
Make Up/Hair Judith Robbins
Sara Wilde
Front of House Tom Pomeroy
Ric Harkin
Bar Rachel Smith
Refreshments Jill Jones
Director Jonathan Carpenter
Producer Jonathan Carpenter