Humbug! by Tony Edwards

27-28 February 2004

An adaptation of the classic Dickens tale of Scrooge, Christmas, greed and redemption. The action takes place in and around the home of Ebeneezer Scrooge, a nasty money lender whose business partner, Jacob Marley, died on Christmas Eve seven years earlier. It is Christmas Eve, 1874....


Scrooge Frank Hunter
Crachit Family
Bob Jonathan Staples
Mrs Crachit Carol King
Tiny Tim Katie King
Martha Jo Cadd
Belinda Andrea Barrett
Emily Lucy Webb
Peter Joseph Hearty
The Fezziwiggs
Mr Fezziwigg David Riecken
Mrs Fezziwigg Sara Pickering
Belle Georgina Isaac
Miss Fezziwigg Jo Cadd
The Ghosts
Jacob Marley Phil Drage
Past Anne Marshall
Present Jane Pomeroy
Future Paul Smith
Fred Andrew Kirkpatrick
Poppy Jessica Smith
Topper Laurence Gregory
Kate Sara Pickering
Sally Peggie Clarke
Annie Jessica Smith
Schoolmaster Laurence Gregory
Boy Ebeneezer Robert King
Girl Fan Jo Cadd
Young Ebeneezer Paul Smith
Dick Andrew Kirkpatrick
Poulterer Laurence Gregory
Old Joe Phil Drage
Molly Peggie Clarke
Mrs Dibler Sara Pickering
Young Boy Robert King
Ignorance Alice Webb
Want Katie King
Director Jonathan Carpenter
Stage Manager Jonathan Carpenter
Musical Director Georgina Isaac
Music Georgina Isaac

Miriam Vilage

Dave Edmondson
Charlotte Hunter
Sound Terry Hearty
Jonathan Staples
Paul Smith
Lights John Maleham
Prompt Jenni Liversidge
Props Terri Tyler
Set John Maleham
David Clarke
Costumes Jenni Liversidge
Choreography Celia Edmondson
Make Up / Hair Judith Robbins
Lin Buchanan
Front of House Tom Pomeroy
Jill Jones

Emily, Belinda and Martha Crachit (Lucy Webb, Andrea Barrett, Jo Cadd)
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