Jack And The Beanstalk

The one where it all began. The enormous giant Blunderbore, aided and abetted by his evilly evil henchman Fleshcreep, lives at the giant's castle in Cloudland. His Hugeness just loves eating human beings and collecting lots and lots of money. The villagers of Weston in the Widdle live in constant fear. Until, that is, Jack sells Daisy, the family livestock, and moves into the horticultural business....


Jack Charlotte Hunter
Princess Amy Jones
Dame Trot Frank Hunter
Silly Billy Paul Smith
King Satupon Nigel Cartwright
Armless Fairy Peggy Clarke
Fleshcreep Jane Pomeroy
Mrs Blunderbore Anne Longley
Clarence Jake Longley
Cow Luke Longley
Doug Longley
Scene Setter Ivan Austin
Giant David Riecken
Jenna Cartwright Emmy Cartwright
Gemma Large Amy George
Lucy Edrich Lucy Jones
Scarlet Supple
Director David Riecken
Music Liz Cockrell
Lynda Riecken
Back Stage
Jonathan Carpenter Keith Earnshaw
Jenni Liversidge John Maleham
Sue Jones Pam Edrich
Jane George Charlotte Supple
Front of House
Jill Jones Tom Pomeroy