Knight Fever adapted from an original script by TLC Creative

29-30 January 2010

The court of King Arthur. Well, not quite, but there are a few similarities: a boy who would be a knight, a wizard called Merlin, an evil baddy with a cowardly sidekick .... and a lot of very bad puns on the word knight. It could only be Knight Fever!


Lester the Jester Jane Pomeroy
Sir Max E Knight David Riecken
Justin Thyme Sara Pickering
Dame Doris Dumpling Paul Smith
King Arthur Frank Hunter
Queen Guinevere Peggie Clarke
Merlin Alan Gundle
Princess Anna Ellie Jones
Chardonnay La Fay Val Sincock
The Black Knight Andrew Kirkpatrick
Lady of the Lake Helena Boughton
Sir Cumference Helena Boughton
Mini Knights
Finn Ayres Milly Ayres
Angus Gray Charlotte Limb
Lara Limb Alexandra Mackaness
Jamie McCombe Lily Searle
Florence Sheppard Thomas Spruce
William Spruce Alice Steuart-Feilding
Tilly Wilcox Olivia Wilcox
Emily Wilde
Director Jonathan Carpenter
Music Christine Limb
John Plunkett
Chris Raby
Tne Muppets Amanda Ayres
Helena Boughton
Elizabeth Carpenter
David Clarke
Kate Isaacs
Sandie Riley
Choreography Jelena Cartwright
Lights John Maleham & Chris Cockrell
Sound Jonathan Staples
Prompt Jenni Liversidge
Set Caroline Bond
Graham Ellis
David Clarke
John Maleham
Costumes Jenni Liversidge
Mini Knights' Costumes Linda Ayres
Make Up / Hair Judith Robbins
Front of House Tom Pomeroy
Refreshments Jill Jones

Dame (Paul Smith)
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