A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare

25-26 June 2010

For our return to Shakespeare's classic comedy we performed a lightly abridged version of the play in the open air in the beautiful garden of Clyde Burbage. With no stage, we performed the play alfresco, with distinct areas of the garden providing the backdrop. Guests picnicked before picking up their chairs and blankets to follow the action as it unfolded.


The Athenians  
Theseus Frank Hunter
Hippolyta Anne Marshall
Egeus Paul Smith
Lysander Daniel Hyde
Helena Amanda Ayres
Demetrius Andrew Kirkpatrick
Hermia Ellie Jones
Philostrate Terry Hearty
The Mechanicals  
Peter Quince Paul Smith
Nick Bottom Chris Raby
Robin Starveling / Moonshine Terri Tyler
Francis Flute / Thisbe Sara Pickering
Tom Snout / Wall Peggie Clarke
Snug / Lion Daniel Hyde
The Supernatural Characters
Oberon Frank Hunter
Titania Anne Marshall
Puck Karl Taylor
Director Chris Raby

Helena (Amanda Ayres), Hermia (Ellie Jones), Lysander (Daniel Hyde)
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