And Her Mother Came Too by Jeannie van Rompaey

20-21 July 2012 (Second South Northants Drama Festival)

Following the funeral of Anne Fielding's mother her old friends discuss the future and what it may hold. A poignant, yet funny, look at relationships and a reminder that, even in the apparently idyllic setting of this village, things are not always what they seem.

Jeannie van Rompaey is a local author, who grew up in Weston, so it was appropriate that we should perform this play for the drama festival. Now living and working in the Canary Isles, Jeannie wrote to us after the performance. Find out more about Jeannie and her work here.


Edith Coates Anne Marshall
Millie Watts Peggie Clarke
Anne Fielding Amanda Ayres
Rachel Fielding Helena Boughton
Lynne Fielding Paulene Highley
Director Paul Smith
Prompt Jenni Liversidge
Lighting John Maleham & Chris Cockrell
Stage Management Jonathan Carpenter & David Riecken
Front of House Val Sincock & Jenni Liversidge