Murder In Company by Philip King and John Boland

17 - 18 September 2004

It is 1972 and we are in the church hall of a small town in England. The local amateur dramatic society is rehearsing its latest production under the direction of the power-crazed Philip Stevens. But Philip's wife, Margaret, is rather too friendly with young Alan; there's something creepy and resentful about Ted the caretaker; and there's a prowler on the loose in the neighbourhood. Things come to a head when Ted is discovered murdered, and everyone in the cast seems to have had a motive.


Alan Wilson Andrew Kirkpatrick
Margaret Stephens Anne Marshall
Ted Smith Frank Hunter
Philip Stephens Jonathan Staples
Ronnie Meadows Paul Smith
Phoebe Kershaw Peggie Clarke
Patricia Robins Lin Buchanan
Doris Stewart Sara Pickering
Director Jonathan Carpenter