Panto At The OK Corral by Jim Sperrink

9-10 February 2007

The wild west was the setting for this panto, in which Clint Westwood sought revenge on Sheriff Smallholding and his henchmen, Butch Casserole and the Sun Tanned Kid. It was a tale of revenge, goodies, baddies and some horribly massacred accents.


Clint Westwood Jonathan Staples
Calamity Jane Helena Boughton
Dame Winnie Pegg Paul Smith
Sheriff Smallholding Frank Hunter
Butch Casserole Georgina Isaac
Sun Tanned Kid Peggie Clarke
James The Jessie Anne Marshall
Buffalo Bill Phil Drage
Running Bear David Riecken
Diamond Lil Lin Buchanan
Buttons Sophie Power
Bows Katie King
Goldie Nuggets Alice Webb
Colonel Custer David Clarke
Lightning Alice Hillman
Polly Johnson

Directors Jonathan Carpenter
Jane Pomeroy
Stage Manager Jonathan Carpenter
Assistant Stage Manager David Clarke
Musical Direction Alex Riley
Jane Pomeroy
Music Freddie Meynell
The OK Singers Tom Pomeroy
Jessica Smith
Alex Riley
Choreography Celia Edmondson
Sound Effects Jonathan Staples
Lighting John Maleham
Prompt Jenni Liversidge
Set Design Jenna & Nigel Cartright
Set Construction David Clarke
John Maleham
Costumes Jenni Liversidge
Props Carol King
Terry Tyler
Make Up/Hair Judith Robbins
Front of House Mike Riley
Jill Jones