Oliver Twist adapted from an original script by Joellan Bland and the novel by Charles Dickens

5-6 March 2015

In memory of Hilda Wilkins

This is our interpretation of the story of Oliver Twist. Joellan Bland's play follows the story of Oliver from the workhouse to his adventures with Fagin and the Artful Dodger, and on to Mr Brownlow and his family and a surprising conclusion. All the well-known characters from the story are in it, as well as some musical numbers. It was always our ambition to stage the Oliver story and we hope this was a suitable tribute to such a classic.

We dedicated this production to the memory of Hilda Wilkins who passed away in January 2015. Hilda took part in the inaugral meeting of the drama group in 1998 and attended every production ever since; all the plays, pantomimes, murder mysteries and drama festivals. Her distinctive laugh was a signal that she liked the performance, and we could always rely on Hilda to get the audience warmed up. Hilda - and her laugh - will be sorely missed in our future productions.


Oliver Twist Gabriella Perez
Mr Bumble Alan Gundle
Mrs Corney Peggie Clarke
Old Sally Jane Pomeroy
Mr Sowerberry Gavin Bridge
Mrs Sowerberry Anne Marshall
Charlotte Lara Highley
Noah Claypole Skip Nelson
Fagin Frank Hunter
The Artful Dodger Pieter Vanthoff
Bet Ella Palmer
Bill Sikes David Riecken
Nancy Kathryn Daw
Miss Monks Alex Hamblin
Mr Brownlow Paul Smith
Mrs Bedwin Gill Milner
Rose Rosie Pinder
Mrs Grimwig Anne Marshall
Eliza Sellers Lilly Searle
Policeman Jamie McCombe
Street Urchins and Fagin's Gang
Ava Arrand Lottie Arand
Seth Bridge Connie Gray
Florence Gundle Jeremy Gundle
Josie Highley Finley McCombe
Isla McCombe Edward Middleton
Natalie Middleton Gabriel Osborne
George Parker Ruben Perez
TJ Searle
Producer & Director Jonathan Carpenter
Assistant Stage Managers David Clarke & Gavin Bridge
Musical Directors Alex Riley
Choreography Jelena Cartwright & Alex Riley
Children's Coach David Riecken
Sounds Jonathan Staples & Laura Limb
Lights John Maleham
Prompt Jenni Liversidge
Set Design Jenna & Nigel Cartwright
Set Construction David Clarke
Costumes Jenni Liversidge
Props Val Sincock & Jenni Liversidge
Make Up / Hair Judith Robbins
Front of House Tom Pomeroy
Bar & Refreshments Jill Jones & Rachel Smith