Pass the Poison, a Murder Mystery Evening by Jenny Gilbert

20 October 2017, Buckingham Golf Club

21 October 2017, Lois Weedon Village Hall

Welcome to Betty Blocker’s 65th Birthday Party. Betty has been running her family farm for many years with little or no time to socialise but she is determined to enjoy this significant birthday with her friends. Betty’s guests helped her to enjoy the evening with a glass of wine, a little food and some good conversation. Guests met a few of Betty’s oldest friends and acquaintances:

Poppy White - a retired dentist who is divorced. She is a bit of a dither but is now writing her memoirs following publication of a successful novel.

Heli Bore – the local vet, she is divorced from a wealthy husband whom she married instead of Robin Wake

Ignatius Beans – Betty’s farm worker who is somewhat chauvinistic and self-opinionated.

Bryony Black – is single and lives at home with her parents. An aspiring actress but just can’t get the parts she craves.

Robin Wake – a retired civil servant who used to work in the Tax Office and has been helping Betty with her tax returns.

But when one of the party was found poisoned, it was down to the guests, helped by Inspector Cy Anide, to track down the killer.


Betty Blocker Anne Marshall
Poppy White Peggy Clarke
Heli Bore Val Sincock
Ignatius Beans David Riecken
Bryony Black Kathryn Oliver
Robin Wake Frank Hunter
Cy Anide Alan Gundle