Robinson Crusoe by Pat Jones and Brian Travers

3-4 February 2012

Robinson (along with his brother Kevin) is on the hunt for buried treasure. But when he is shipwrecked on a not-so-desert island the adventure really begins.

Based loosely (very loosely) on the book by Daniel Defoe, this was a traditional family panto with something for everyone: baddies to hiss, goodies to cheer, not to mention a rather talkative parrot. Of course, in the end, true love conquered all.


Robinson Crusoe Jessica Smith
Bonnie Peverill Point Ellie Jones
Penelope Crusoe Paul Smith
Redbeard Andrew Kirkpatrick
Kevin Crusoe Helena Boughton
Squire Peverill Point John Plunkett
Plankton David Riecken
Guppy Peggie Clarke
Man Friday Rosie Pinder
Sheila the Parrot Jane Pomeroy
Roger Rhinohorn Trudie Facer
Chief Cannibal Skip Snelson
Hannibal the Cannibal Charlotte Limb
Bubbly Babs the Barmaid Christine Limb
Florence Sheppard Angus Gray
Jamie McCombe Lara Highley
Millie Ayres Beth Buchanan
Angus Gray Connie Gray
Lara Highley Josie Highley
Elysia Lay Charlotte Limb
Laura Limb Jamie McCombe
Ella Palmer Gabriella Perez
Rosie Pinder Lily Searle
Florence Sheppard Skip Nelson
Alice Steuart-Feilding Tilly Wilcox
Emily Wilde Oscar Wilde
Producer & Director Jonathan Carpenter
Assistant Stage Manager David Clarke
Musical Director Alex Riley
Choreography Jelena Cartwright
Alex Riley
Children's Voice Coach David Riecken
Sound Jonathan Staples
Sara Pickering
Lights John Maleham
Chris Cockrell
Prompt Jenni Liversidge
Set Design Sarah Wilde
Caroline Bond
Graham Ellis
Set Construction David Clarke
Costumes Jenni Liversidge
Children's Costumes Linda Ayres
Props Val Sincock
Make Up / Hair Judith Robbins
Front of House

Tom Pomeroy

Bar Rachel Smith
Sara Pickering
Refreshments Jill Jones