The Spy Who Came In For The Phone by Alan Richardson

2-3 September´┐Ż2011 (South Northants Drama Festival)

London in the 1960s. Newly-weds Chris and Sally discover a brand-new telephone installed in their Kensington flat. They are surprised because they didn't order one. Enter Ron, a GPO telephone engineer who takes bureaucracy to a new level, Mrs. Davies, their neighbour who is just across the hall when she's needed (and when she isn't) and Lyudmila, an ordinary civil servant from the Russian Embassy. Or is she? When the phone starts ringing, the fun begins.


Ron Frank Hunter
Mrs Davies Anne Marshall
Chris Paul Smith
Sally Ellie Jones
Lyudmilla Sara Pickering
PC Nash John Plunkett
Director Andrew Kirkpatrick
Sound Helena Boughton
Prompt Jenni Liversidge
Lighting John Maleham

Mrs Davies (Anne Marshall)
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