Act of Union by Adam Stokes

6 September 2019 (Lois Weedon village hall)

7 December 2019 (Wappenham village hall)

You are invited to the wedding reception of Gary Sponge and his new wife, Victoria. Just like every other wedding there's a fair bit of tension. For starters, Victoria's mother Virginia disapproves of her new husband. And she may have cause to be justified because Gary appears to have a bit of  a murky past; just who is the mystery guest at the reception? Tensions simmer with the hors d'ouevres and, when one of the party is found murdered, the guests are asked to turn sleuth to find out whodunnit.

This was a classic murder mystery evening complete with wedding buffet and plenty of audience participation to keep the questions flowing.


Alan Gundle

Anne Marshall

David Riecken

Frank Hunter

Hannah Fowles

Kathryn Oliver

Paul Smith

Phoebe Elcoat

Val Sincock

Director: Jonathan Carpenter


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Photographs courtesy of Paul Elcoat